Paver Sealing Tampa

Paver Sealing Tampa

There’s a reason why paver sealants are extremely popular among homeowners in the Tampa area. Paver sealants are functional and practical, yet they can also help infuse your outdoor space with a bit of flash and gloss. Over time, paver sealants have emerged as a crucial maintenance tool, helping your driveways, patios, walkways and pool decks maintain their beauty for prolonged periods. 

If you’re wondering whether there’s a need to seal your pavers, our answer is a resounding yes, every single time, for several reasons. For one thing, paver sealants will keep your concrete pavers from absorbing stains. A good sealant will also protect your paver against the elements and keep its color from fading.

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The more pertinent question, however, should be whether sealing your pavers will be a good choice for the outlook you’re trying to create for your space. A careful consideration of the pros and cons of paver sealing may help you reach a definite determination sooner:

paver sealing
paver sealing

Nevertheless, the following points can be considered negatives:

All things considered, paver sealants are pretty handy, not just for their practical qualities but also for the aesthetic opportunities they offer. If you’re looking to craft a carefully honed ambience for your outdoor space and maximize the lifespan of your paver, contact us today at GAB Pressure Washing. We’re the leading paver sealing service in Tampa and environs because we absolutely guarantee consummate satisfaction. We’ll help transform your lanscaping and outdoor space into something approaching a recreation center in no time at all.

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Paver Sealer

Pavers can have dramatic effects on any exterior (and even interior) space they grace. They are beautiful and durable and do not need a lot of maintenance. 

Nevertheless, pavers, particularly concrete pavers, are porous, and they can accumulate dirt and grime if not properly sealed and cleaned, to the extent that their natural sheen takes a massive hit. That’s why it’s necessary to properly maintain and clean your paver on a semi-regular basis, not just for aesthetic purposes, but also to ensure that it holds up well under sustained pressure and lasts as long as it was originally made to.

To ensure that your paver retains its shine and remains durable, you’ll need to ensure that it is sealed. Ideally, you should apply sealant to your paver immediately after installation. You should also plan to reseal your pavers after every five years interval. To be sure, you can choose to embrace this undertaking, take a hands-on approach and generally go the DIY route, but why bother?

Paver sealing is exacting, strenuous work and it requires strenuous physical exertion. You may be best served delegating this task to a trained and experienced paver sealer who can guarantee the best results. We recommend GAB Pressure Washing. 

Sticking to a regular cleaning schedule for your paver will usually be enough to keep it in good shape as pavers do not require any strenuous effort during maintenance. A simple sweep will generally do the trick, in the majority of instances. 

However, there are certain tough stains against which brooms will simply prove inadequate, especially accumulated grime and stains that have seeped into cracks. In the same vein, moss and algae can hardly be eliminated by brooms. In these cases, most people assume that it’s time to bring out the big guns: pressure or power washers. 

There’s no doubt about it; pressure washing is an effective and convenient way to get rid of those tough stains that are diminishing the aesthetic appeal of your paver. The fact that pressure washers are relatively easy to procure and operate is another big draw. 

While this might seem like an obvious solution, caution needs to be applied. Operating a professional-grade power washing machine carries significant risk and can cause severe damage to people and property if not properly managed. 

Often, pressure washing mishaps are caused by not maintaining adequate distance, using higher pressure than is necessary, not varying the direction of the spray and choosing the wrong nozzle. On closer examination, these are exactly the kind of mistakes that inexperienced hands are likely to make, and they can have disastrous consequences. 

If after a careful inspection of your paver you feel that it is too dirty to be cleaned with a broom and rag, and only a pressure wash would suffice, then you should give serious thought to employing the services of a professional pressure washer like GAB Pressure Washing. We can handle any paver cleaning job in Tampa with distinction and with a minimum of fuss. We’re the premier paver sealer and paver washing service in Tampa and you can count on us to deliver a more than satisfactory outcome for you and your outdoor space whenever you engage us. Contact us today and enjoy the benefits of our outstanding service.

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