Roof Cleaning Tampa

Roof Cleaning Tampa

The roof is an essential part of a building. It is its highest point, and it encompasses all the materials required to cushion it on the walls. 

Many times, people get so fixated on the aesthetic of a building, that they ignore the role the roof plays. The roof saves energy – retaining heat for the winter, and cold for the summer. It offers protection from extreme weather conditions and other unwanted elements. It adds curb appeal and generally gives a building a fine outlook.

As with every property, maintenance is a basic practice that must be upheld, to elongate the lifespan of the roof and enable it to continue serving its purpose.

Roof cleaning in Tampa Florida is a necessity, as it is common for algae and moss to be present on rooftops, as the pores of the bacteria are easily dispersed by the wind or animals that scurry from the roof to roof. This means that many households are usually affected.

The algae reside on the parts of the roof that are slightly shielded from the sun. It co-exists with black streaks on the surface. The black streaks deface roofs, as it makes roofs seem old and worn out. This makes roof cleaning highly needed. 

Roof cleaning involves ridding one’s roof of algae, mold, and other forms of bacteria. The presence of soot or dirt can influence the amount of sunlight that the roof takes in, which is also proportional to the amount the building takes in, as the roof is its major absorbent.

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Tampa Roof Cleaning

It is tempting to want to clean your roof yourself, by climbing on it and manually dusting the dirt off. However, this is bad, as the force that emanates from the pressure of a fully grown person can loosen the granules on your shingles. This way shortens the lifespan of your roof, and it is also a dangerous activity to undergo, mostly when untrained.

We cover all the bases wash house washing done right

You may then wonder how best to tackle the issue of roof cleaning in Tampa Fl. Not to worry,  we have some tested and trusted ways:

roof cleaning
  • Tidy the gutter and downspout: The downspout tends to accumulate debris which may block water from being disposed of. Therefore, we use light tools to clear any form of debris. The slope of the roof was designed specifically to guide rainwater from the roof to the gutter. When the roof gets blocked, rainwater does not get to flow away, and this may lead to leaks on the roof.
  • Cut the back trees and bushes: Trees that grow near roofs can end up entering the gutter and can block the free flow of rainwater. Also, on the occasion of a storm, it can be dangerous to have a tree fall on your roof. We cut any form of trees and bushes near the roof to forestall any unwanted occurrence. 
  • Inspect for clogged vents: We check for blocked vents on the roofs, as it can lead to the accumulation of moisture which degenerates to rotten eaves and walls.
  • Clean with chlorine bleach and water: We make a mixture of chlorine and water in a 1:1 ratio, then pour into a sprayer which is attached to a garden hose. We spray it on the roof for about 20 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Over time, the algae will wash away as rain pours. The moss will follow suit.

Tile roofs in Tampa also get their fair share of invasion from bacteria. As earlier proven, moss and algae find their way easily on roofs. Moss absorbs moisture quickly, and this adds extra weight to the roof. The roof tile doesn’t get to dry when the sun comes out, as the moss acts as an impediment. This can lead to damage to some internal parts of the roof, which in turn leads to long-term destruction of the roof. 

Moss grows steadily on cement, which is a joiner of the ridge tile, apex tile, and the roof. The presence of Moss in these places can lead to structural damage to the roof. It can also block the roof drainage system. This can make water spill on all sides, causing damp marks that do not make for good reading.

Fortunately, we have implemented techniques to combat this issue, and therefore clean tile roofs in Tampa fl.

  • Using a trowel: It is a manual method but is widely tested and trusted. We use a trowel to scrape off the bacteria from the roof. 
  • Using chemicals: Fungicide and anti-moss treatment can be sprayed with very low pressure on the roof tiles. We use an electric sprayer to spray in the direction of the gutter so that the bacteria gets washed away. 


Pressure washing can damage the roofs mostly made with asphalt and tiles, as their component materials can easily be displaced due to brute force. To that end, we use soft washing, as the sprayer does not involve any mechanical force or pressure to operate. The roof parts are delicate and must be treated as such.

Cleaning roofs made of tiles in Tampa can be a bit tricky, as too much pressure can lead to cracks, while too little pressure might not get the job effectively done. 

On the occasion that tiles get broken or cracked, we make use of a mixture called, “Grout”. It is a mixture of water, cement, and sand, and it is used to seal space between tiles. When cleaning tiles in Tampa, grout is used. 

Why choose us?

  • We are professional in our approach, paying attention to every detail of our client’s roof. It is our mode of operation to deliver seamless service.
  • We are highly skilled; employing the latest technology and balancing manual and modern methods to complete our tasks.
  • We are reliable and dutiful. We work with flexible hours, putting our client’s satisfaction first in our dealings.
  • We are fully licensed and insured. We possess a wealth of invaluable experience and have a track record of excellence.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you need roof cleaning near you, ensure to contact us, as we guarantee expertise and good customer service. Our rates are affordable and we perform our tasks to the highest standards possible.

COVID-19 Precautions

Due to the raging virus around the world, and more importantly due to the high cases in the U.S. we take safety precautions in line with COVID-19. 

Our clients do not have to be present while we work if that is what they want. If they want to be, we also ensure to observe social distancing towards them. 

We go over and beyond boards for our clients, trying to give them optimum satisfaction with the quality of our work. Contact us today if you want pressure washing in Tampa.

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